Beyond the Truth-O-Meter

Trump's shifting rationale for firing Comey

President Donald Trump offered a shifting rationale this past week for his firing of FBI Director James Comey and joined other Republicans in exaggerating how much simpler it will become for Americans to file their taxes next time. He also erred, though by just a hair, in claiming a historic achievement in black and Hispanic joblessness. A look behind recent statements on these matters and more.

Would a Proposed Law ‘Ban the Bible’ in California?

A Republican politician and a right-wing television station grossly misrepresented California legislation that would amplify restrictions on "gay conversion therapy."

Was Donald Trump ‘Ordered’ to Stay Away from Barbara Bush’s Funeral?

According to the White House, the President will not attend the former First Lady's funeral to avoid creating a disruption.

Solar Hyperbole?

Three weeks after the Trump administration imposed a 30 percent tariff on imported solar energy cells and panels, the president claimed that "a lot of places are opening up" to "make solar panels again." Two weeks later, he said that "we’re opening up at least five plants," and by mid-April, the number had grown to "seven or eight."

Muslim Nurses Not Exempt From Hand Washing

Q: Are Muslim nurses excused from washing their hands before medical procedures in Britain? A: No. That is an old misrepresentation that has been circulating online since 2010.

Muddying a Trump Loyalty Test

In Republican primaries where loyalty to President Donald Trump's agenda is a litmus test for many voters, the approval of a $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill has become a political weapon -- no matter how lawmakers voted.

Is Article 54 of Obamacare Taking Effect in May 2018?

A meme proclaims that "Article 54 of Obamacare" will take 30 percent of seniors' social security payments to cover insurance for undocumented immigrants.

Idaho Candidate Didn't Fake Being in Military

In a recent debate for Idaho's lieutenant governor, Republican Sen. Marv Hagedorn accused one of his top opponents of faking military service.

Are Michigan Lawmakers Marking Immigrants’ Licenses With a Yellow Star?

Memes suggesting Michigan lawmakers wanted to place a yellow star on immigrants' licenses were conflated a withdrawn proposal.

Did Malia Obama Found an Anti-Trump Website?

The art of using memetic fake news to publicize fake web sites.

Trump skews reasons behind his 2016 win

President Donald Trump isn’t getting the facts straight when it comes to how he won the 2016 election.

Is Reno the biggest U.S. city without professional hockey?

With Reno’s G League basketball team, the Bighorns, leaving town for Stockton, Calif., emails, tweets and letters have flooded in asking about the possibility of minor-league hockey returning to Reno. Let’s look at the possibility by first evaluating a popular argument from those advocating for hockey.

Did The FBI Raid Obama and “Find [a] Massive Secret That Was Hidden For Years”?

A senseless headline shrouds some legitimate news.

Larry Kudlow’s claim that the Obama stimulus was ‘all spending’

As the new director of the National Economic Council, Kudlow goes on TV now not as a talking head but as President Trump’s lead economic adviser. The CNN interview, with Erin Burnett, was one of his first appearances speaking for the White House. Did he get his facts right while describing the stimulus package?

Did Hillary Clinton Found an Anti-Trump Website with Taxpayer Dollars?

No, no, no ... don't blame your own fakey fake websites on other people!

No, McDonald’s isn’t replacing play areas with pot lounges

McDonald’s PlayPlaces aren’t becoming pot places, not even in Colorado, the first state with legal recreational marijuana.

Prosecutor in Cohen Probe Not an ‘Obama Holdover’

Q: Is Robert S. Khuzami, the deputy U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, an "Obama holdover"? A: No. Khuzami served under Democratic and Republican administrations, but he left government in 2013. He returned to public service this year when he was hired by the Trump administration.

There Are No “M.A.G.A. Checks”

Q: Can U.S. residents collect “M.A.G.A. Checks”? A: No. A “M.A.G.A. Check” is the invention of a publisher selling an investment guide that makes promises of easy money.

Trump twists Comey's role in Clinton disclosure

President Donald Trump is again twisting facts when it comes to former FBI director James Comey's disclosure of a sensitive investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton right before the 2016 election.

No, tax-filing migraines are not going away

On Tax Day, President Donald Trump and a chorus of Republicans announced that Tuesday's filing deadline marked the last time that figuring out taxes will drive Americans crazy. Not so.