Create and convene "Waste, Fraud and Abuse" Commission

"As part of my Emergency Jobs Plan, I will issue an executive order on my first day in office, creating this commission, directing it to meet within one week, and giving it the authority to access the books of all state agencies and go through them line-by-line. I will appoint a tough, private-sector chairman who will bring common sense to government spending and ensure that taxpayer money is being spent efficiently and effectively."


Order issued, now the work of finding $300 million a year in savings begins

Gov. Scott Walker made good on his promise to create -- on his first day in office -- a bipartisan commission to root out waste, fraud and abuse in the state budget.

Walker signed an executive order Jan. 3, 2011 setting up the commission, which he ordered to issue a report in July of 2011 and again in January of 2012. Among the targets Walker cited: Overtime paid to state workers and fraud in the Wisconsin Shares child care program.

Both were the focus of past investigations by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Creating the commission gets the new governor a Promise Kept on the Walk-O-Meter.

That"s the simple part.

Now comes the harder part: Finding enough "waste, fraud and abuse” to save $300 million a year, something Walker also promised when he announced plans for creating the commission. That may be a drop in the bucket compared to the $62 billion state budget, but it"s not chump change either.

We"ll be tracking the commission"s progress on the $300 million pledge in a separate Walk-O-Meter item.


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